Crescent Network Now Live on Mainnet

Crescent Network
2 min readApr 14, 2022


Welcome to the moonrise. Crescent Network mainnet is now live, ready to take mankind on an exciting DeFi journey through Cosmos and beyond.

Starting today, the following utilities await users:

  • Exchange token pairs on Crescent DEX without swap fees
  • Liquid stake native tokens (CRE) to receive bonded CRE(bCRE) for staking rewards
  • Vote on on-chain governance proposals by holding bCRE
  • Deposit tokens through Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)
  • Users eligible for airdrop can claim their amount by completing missions (DEXdrop guide)

Upon passing of governance proposal#2 (Vote Now: End time: 2022–04–18 12:59:33) for incentivizing pool pairs, users can:

  • Provide liquidity to an incentivized pool for LP incentives
  • Utilize bCRE by providing liquidity to a bCRE pool for added rewards

Check out Crescent DEX and explore on Mintscan to be part Crescent, a marketplace for multi-chain assets with capital-efficient liquidity incentivization.

*The slippage will be very volatile due to low liquidity in pools at the beginning. Please take caution in making swaps until pool liquidity becomes sufficient.

Future of Crescent?

This is marks only the first step in the Crescent journey. Committing to the principles laid down as the strategic direction, Crescent Network will continue to evolve as a cross-chain DeFi hub, focusing on integration of assets beyond Cosmos and into the larger blockchain universe. From AMM/Orderbook Hybrid DEX, to be the first for the Cosmos ecosystem, and cross-chain collateralization, the possibilities are truly endless.

Start the journey together

Crescent will be guided by the community and the Crescent Ethos, the guiding principles toward a secure, safe, and reliable network. Vote on the governance proposal for the direction of Crescent’s improvements and architectural decision making. Also, existing liquidity from Gravity DEX can be withdrawn directly from Crescent DEX. (Withdrawn to Cosmos Hub, NOT Crescent. Users will have to manually IBC transfer them to Crescent on Emeris)

Upon passing of an upcoming proposal, the IBC relayer service from Cosmos Hub and other chains will only be provided until the end of June.

The Crescent Community

Through the synergy between structured decision-making architecture and vigorous community of forward-thinkers, the Crescent community will shine bright through Cosmos and beyond. Look forward to exciting developments ahead and welcome to the new era of decentralized finance.

With the mainnet now live, user participation is more important than ever. We welcome all users to the Crescent community, designed to be active and vibrant, guiding the network to the fullest potential.

Follow us on Twitter. Join our Discord server. Share with us what is on your mind, and be part of the biggest innovation in DeFi. Welcome to the Moonrise.