CRE DEXdrop Breakdown

Crescent Network
2 min readMar 10, 2022

Crescent is a decentralized, mutually governed DeFi Hub that will be owned by CRE holders.

Upon the grand launch of Crescent, 100 million CRE will be allocated through an airdrop to ATOM delegators, excluding delegated amount to centralized exchange validators. The airdrop process is categorized into two rounds: DEXdrop (50 million CRE) and Boostdrop (50 million CRE). In this post, we will take you through the claiming process for DEXdrop, available to claim from genesis. Details on Boostdrop will also be announced soon.

At launch of Crescent DEX, users can claim their CRE by completing the following on-chain tasks in the following order:

Full allocation can be claimed when the user completes the tasks above within 6 months from launch. Unclaimed CRE from the airdrop quantity within the claim period will be allocated to the Community Fund.

The number of CRE a user receives is proportional to the square root of delegated ATOM at the time of the snapshot, with three 2x multipliers for supporters of Gravity DEX under the following conditions:

  • If participated in governance proposal #38 or #58
  • If provided liquidity to Gravity DEX
  • If used Gravity DEX

All ATOM delegators can check their eligibility and predicted airdrop quantity at Crescent’s Airdrop Calculator here.