Validator Responsibility and Retention of a Fair Market

  • Tendermint cannot determine the fairness or existence of censorship of the proposed blocks
  • This can result in a market that is disadvantageous to general users, allowing abuse, and exploitation of users’ assets
  • The Foundation must be responsible for making decisions that negate these attack vectors and present resolution to these observations

Possible actions that jeopardize a fair market

  • Censorship is the unintentional / intentional removal or omission of certain/all transaction within a block
  1. Crescent also encompasses unintentional operational configuration of validators that results in a statistical difference in transaction list in a proposed block compared to other public nodes
  1. A difference in broadcasting environment is detrimental to the retention of a fair market for all users

The Guardian Overwatch

As part of the responsibility of the Foundation to provide assurance to users, the following measures are in place to monitor malicious behavior:

Facing the consequences

Resolution through communication will the the first and immediate action

  • A consultation with the Foundation will be done to resolve the issue

Integrity through transparency

  • The validator scanner will be open sourced, allowing any community member to view and verify the investigation algorithm
  • In the near future, real-time information from the validator scanner can be viewed on a upcoming website that shares validator activity and statistics

And Beyond

Crescent aims to implement Threshold Encryption in 2023 to further ensure the retention of fair market

  • The transaction content is unveiled after a threshold of validators agree, which negates selective censorship



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