Looking Back, For the Future(s)?

Crescent Network
3 min readApr 6, 2023

Hi there! What a year it has been for Crescent, Cosmos, DeFi, and the world in general! Looking back at the past can give us insight into the future. So, let’s take a peek into Crescent, shall we?

The Crescent Vision

In the short time frame of almost 365 days, Crescent has shipped not only user experiences but opened the potential for the innovation of DeFi on Cosmos. Since launch, we have introduced the following never-before-seen innovations:

  • Native Liquid Staking & Liquid Governance
  • Orderbook & AMM Hybrid DEX
  • Ranged Liquidity
  • Liquid Farming (Ready to ship, on test net)


  • 25+ Token pair listings / Partnerships secured
  • The primary source of liquidity for various native tokens
  • Leading the paradigm shift away from basic AMM

The Crescent Vision stays true to the Ethos:

  • Providing a marketplace for multi-chain assets with capital-efficient liquidity incentivization
  • Securing a cross-chain collateralization protocol for users to manage the risks of their portfolio effectively

These two objectives are now more relevant, and Crescent is prepared to embrace new utilities that will further encompass these values.

Commitment to Safety

Every action, communication, and upgrade on Crescent Network prioritized the security of user assets and the chain. As a result, we achieved:

  • 0 Exploitations by hackers
  • 0 user funds compromised
  • 0 forced chain halts
  • 0 critical bugs were found on test net

In times of uncertainty and risk, Crescent stayed true to our promise, putting the safety of our users at the frontlines of innovation.

Adapting to change…And the Future(s)?

The question we all seek the answer to and holds the most complex meaning is “Wen?” Our roadmap is ahead, and we are so excited to share with the community Wat, Wen, How, and more.

In anticipation of our official, in-depth roadmap unveiling, let’s take a quick peek at what’s ahead (In no particular order…or is it?):

  • Liquid Farming Tokens integration (Used as collateral on the lending platform)
  • Crescent Liquidity Allocator Machine(CLAM) (Calling all newly launching projects that want to onboard users quickly…DM for deets)
  • Multi-hop, User Custom Range for Ranged Liquidity, Fiat, Cosmwasm, Boostdrop, Futures(?!)
  • Celesti….We’ve said too much.

Change in Emissions (Commonwealth Link)

In one of the fastest-moving industries, it is essential to be highly flexible to change, and thus we propose a revision of 2nd-year emissions to the following:

  • LP is still a large part of Crescent’s growth, and liquidity is necessary to launch new utilities. Hence LP incentives will be slightly decreased from current levels, but more than projected at genesis.
  • With the implementation of EVM or Cosmwasm imminent, we need incentives to be allocated to 3rd party apps, and the Ecosystem Reserve will serve this purpose (Spent through governance) (cre180s8gyjtqdczkxuk6xf0r2w3fyln59m6nuuyh8sw3v8kjvjzm0ks7e8jfe)
  • Boost is under the hood, to be revealed to our users soon. And trust us, Boostdrop is also a large part of the design, and long-time supporters of Crescent and its governance token will not be disappointed.

Upon sufficient discussion, a proposal for parameter change will be uploaded. If passed, the emissions for Year 2, starting on April 13th, will follow the new emissions plan.

Once again, thank you so much to our vibrant community for being with Crescent, and we will bring to you the best DeFi experience in the coming months as we always have!