Liquid Staking Validator Scoring

Crescent Network
2 min readJun 24, 2022


The vital role of validators in the maintenance of a network’s security and stability is common knowledge share by the blockchain community. Since genesis, Crescent validators have continued to support network performance, resulting in a smooth and secure user experience.

The future and roadmap of Crescent relies heavily on large calculations, and a well-qualified, the veteran set is necessary to do so. As stated in the Crescent Ethos, the liquid staking validators receive delegation and rewards directly from the liquid staking module, and this set of validators can be amended through governance. This process is in alignment to Crescent’s prioritization of providing a safe network for users to bring assets and feel at ease while doing so.

Keeping in mind the demand for high performance validators that can contribute in ways including and beyond validation, the scoring system needs to reflect both quantitative and qualitative data of each candidate, upon which governance can deem the most suitable team to contribute to the retention of Crescent’s network integrity for its users.

The measurement of a validator’s credibility and contribution is based on the qualitative and quantitative attributes below:

Quantitative: Data is converted into a corresponding score for each category to determine the overall validation performance.

  1. Coverage: The number of networks the validator operates in displays the ability and capacity for validation
  2. Reputation: High rates of delegation in other networks reflect the validator’s positive reputation
  3. Performance: Constant and reliable performance can be determined by the number of blocks missing
  4. Stability: Downtime and slashing may account for decreased stability of a validator
  5. Experience: The total validator operating time can show the prolonged experience in handling various situations within other networks
  6. Extra points: Every validator has its unique traits, and special characteristics that can amplify the Crescent expansion apart from validation is scored accordingly

Qualitative: Crescent is more than just numbers on a screen, and we need to consider the community-driven aspects of a validator. The qualitative data provided allows us to find the most cooperative and beneficial validator for Crescent’s community

  1. Contribution plans for Crescent Network
  2. Long-term plan to sustain Crescent node
  3. Quick response and availability in emergencies
  4. Node region in Tokyo for optimized reach to major CEXs
  5. Infra specs & operation (It architecture, security policy, monitoring system, etc)

Discussion and numerical details of each criterion can be found at the Crescent Commonwealth. (Link)

In alignment with Crescent’s Ethos to expand beyond Cosmos, the transparency and accuracy of the LSV scoring system are crucial. The detailed process ensures the optimized set of validators capable of delivering the network’s peak performance required for Crescent’s innovative utilities. This process is and always will be done through the consensus of the community, ultimately approving the additional Liquid Staking Validator through governance. Keep in mind that the process and criteria are subject to change as fit for a rapidly changing blockchain universe.