Enhancing Your Crescent Experience

Crescent Network
2 min readJun 8, 2022


Crescent Network is a DeFi Hub aimed at advancing blockchain finance technology with an ongoing commitment to improving user experience.

Our methodology of onboarding new users into Crescent at launch was prominently focused on allowing users to smoothly begin their DeFi experience with us. Crescent team is all ears to user feedback, and even more so as our network has evolves. We are constantly listening for ways to enhance the way our community engages with our utilities, and making changes accordingly. Remember, simple is accessible.

Here are some of the the UI/UX updates since launch, many resulting from active community feedback:


  • “Claim All” button now allows for claiming of farming rewards of all pools at the click of a button

Show me the money

  • Users’ underlying assets in each LP farming position is displayed through tooltip

Other UI updates:

  • Token pairs now displayed with “slash” instead of “hyphen” (Align with global standard of representing quote and base pairs on orderbook)
  • Unclaimed farming rewards no longer reflected in “Token” under “Total Balance” (Increase accurate representation of portfolio)

Whether it be small or large, bug or UX improvement, changes in the UI have the potential for major influence on the way users interact within our network. As our roadmap suggests, Crescent will present DeFi opportunities that users may not have experienced previously. The way we convey messages and displays will need to be carefully coordinated and well-tested before on-chain implementation.

We’re always keen on user feedback, so don’t hesitate to give us suggestions from a user perspective at our vibrant community channels: