Crescent: Vote on Cosmos Hub Governance

The moonrise of Crescent is imminent.

Your opinion as an ATOM delegator matters most. As Crescent, we prioritize decentralization and participation by all, beginning with the birth of our network through Cosmos Hub governance.

Our governance proposal highlights the following reasonings for the migration of Gravity DEX to a separate blockchain (Crescent Network):

  • Credible neutrality: Strong community-wide concerns of an all-mighty DEX hindering the growth and open innovation of DEX and DeFi in Cosmos
  • Adopting new features: Quick adoption of new functionalities by migration to a separate Cosmos chain, providing Crescent users with custom-fit network parameters
  • Liquidity Incentives for Gravity DEX: Having CRE, the native token, Crescent can provide liquidity incentives and airdrops without affecting ATOM inflation
  • More innovative DeFi features: Improved DEX and advanced connect financial features for Cosmos DeFi investors provided by Crescent leads to better returns and risk management capabilities

Governance Proposal (Mintscan)

By voting yes to this proposal, you agree that the Gravity DEX on Cosmos Hub should be migrated to a separate chain. When and if the proposal passes, another governance proposal will be submitted in near future to allow only withdrawal of funds from Gravity DEX.

You can vote on the proposal here(Keplr).

Ongoing discussion on Cosmos Hub Forum here(Forum).




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Crescent Network

Crescent Network

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