Crescent V3 Bug Bounty

Crescent Network
2 min readNov 28, 2022


Crescent is a team that continues a commitment to providing innovative DeFi solutions and public infrastructure. In doing so, we understand that users may require time to familiarize themselves with the novelty and unique traits of DeFi utilities that Crescent Network provides for the Cosmos Ecosystem.

In July, we received various well-analyzed contributions thorough our first Bug Bounty, of which many were implemented into our mainnet, successfully serving its purpose of retaining security and improving user experience for features never before seen on Cosmos.

The V3 upgrade will introduce the following core utilities on Crescent Network:

  • Liquid Farming
  • Market Maker Incentives
  • Farming Version 2.0
  • Mobile orderbook UI

In anticipation for the game-changing upgrades of Crescent V3, we would like to invite all users to test new functions prior to launch on the mainnet. As a team that focuses both on DeFi innovations and community engagement alike, we acknowledge the capabilities of our users.

The Crescent V3 Bug Bounty will commence on Mooncat 2–3( from November 28, lasting until December 5, during which time users will be able to submit feedback and content of the following categories:

Bug Report:

  • Submitted via the Crescent Bug Reporting Form (LINK)

Critical: 50,000 CRE

  • Exploitation of liquidity, chain halting, stolen funds, token inflation bug

Major: 5,000 CRE

  • Liquid Farming, Market Maker Incentives, and Farming V2 specific core bug other than Critical bug, limited financial exploitation

Minor: 200 CRE

  • Judged case-by-case
  • Note that MOST front-end bugs will be categorized as Minor unless deemed critical to the network
  • The rewarding will be based on first-report-first-reward basis, with repeated and already reported bugs being ineligible for rewarding.
  • The rewarding of each eligible case will be reviewed by the Foundation and presented to the community through governance upon completion of the Bug Bounty. Upon passing of the proposal, each eligible user will be rewarded their corresponding CRE for their contribution to development of secure utilities.

Bug Bounty Code: