Crescent Network Moonrise

Crescent Network
2 min readMar 23, 2022

When the sun sets, the moonlight will shine bright.

The Crescent team is proud to announce that Crescent Network will land on the Cosmos Ecosystem on April 14th UTC. On this day, Gravity DEX will officially be reborn as Crescent, a DeFi Hub that enhances capital efficiency and effective risk management.

At launch, all users can utilize the following functions, with more to come soon:

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

  • Easily exchange any pair of tokens in an existing pair pool through automated market making (AMM)
  • Crescent DEX swap fee will be zero at launch

Liquid Staking

  • Stake native tokens (CRE) to receive bonded CRE (bCRE) which can be deposited in an applicable pool
  • bCRE can be unstaked (14-days unbonding period) by unstaking or swapped in a CRE/bCRE pool

Liquid Governance

  • bCRE holders can participate in governance with the implicit power within bCRE
  • Investors who possess LP with bCRE as a reserve token can participate in governance with the implicit power within the bCRE in the LP

LP Farming

  • Earn farming rewards by providing liquidity to one of Crescent’s incentivized liquidity pools
  • bCRE minted through liquid staking can also be deposited into a pool with a bCRE pair for receiving both staking and farming rewards

The launch of Crescent only marks the beginning of a long-term vision toward providing the Cosmos Ecosystem with interoperability beyond Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC). Many more utilities including Crescent Boost and Derivatives will be available on the Crescent Network soon for all to experience.

Additional information covering each function and more will be available soon. Please refer to the Crescent Network channels for updates.

The official Discord channel is also now open. Be a member of our community and voice your opinion here.