Crescent Bug Bounty

Crescent Network
2 min readJul 6, 2022


Innovation must come synchronously to security, and the Crescent Network highly appreciate the contribution of users in building a sustainable, ground-breaking DeFi Hub together.

We as builders have complete faith in the vibrance and insight of our community, and would like to present an opportunity for the users to become more directly involved in the expansion of Crescent. As can be seen in our blog(, the community’s proactive sharing of feedback establishes sustainable DeFi experiences.

The Crescent Bug Bounty will run on the testnet: Mooncat 1–1( from July 6th to July 13th for one week. This opportunity will allow the dev team to receive feedback from users regarding the newest utilities on Crescent DEX: Orderbook and Ranged Liquidity UI while accurately rewarding users. At the same time, users can get a first-look at the innovative functions that differentiate Crescent from other DEXs, so that they can begin trading right from mainnet launch.

Through an overwhelming agreement reached by governance, the Crescent Foundation was allocated 100,000 CRE from the Community Pool to be spent as rewards for the Crescent Bug Bounty, sent directly to the Foundation’s multi-sig wallet (cre1u9jxn6l7seq5jjej4w6etpdxufphwfuunljr4e) upon passing.

Users of the Mooncat 1–1 testnet can report their bugs founds via the Crescent Bug Reporting form (

The rewarding criteria and amount are as follows:

Critical: 20,000 CRE

  • Exploitation of liquidity, chain halting, stolen funds, token inflation bug

Major: 4000 CRE

  • Orderbook and Ranged Liquidity specific core bug other than Critical bug, limited financial exploitation

Minor: 500 CRE

  • Judged case-by-case
  • Note that MOST front-end bugs will be categorized as Minor unless deemed critical to the network

Bug Bounty Code:

The rewarding will be based on first-report-first-reward basis, with repeated and already reported bugs being ineligible for rewarding.

The rewarding of each eligible case will be reviewed by the Foundation and presented to the community through governance upon completion of the Bug Bounty. Upon passing of the proposal, each eligible user will be rewarded their corresponding CRE for their contribution to development of secure utilities.